Aaahhhhhhhhh too much stress

Ahhhhh surgery is scary.

I’m going in for a super major surgery in 10 days, and I am freaking the fuck out about it. Like… gender reassignment surgery is no joke and then its months of recovery. Ugh. I mostly feel like I’m just trying to talk through jitters or something as this is a scary huge deal on its own and then my life felt that I needed to have EVEN more on my plate… I’ve to put in a ton of OT for the past couple months, I have to go to LA next week and two days ago my boss asked me if I could get a clearance.


Oh fucking well.

I’ll be getting through this one day at a time, but I just want the stress to stop. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t do this with out alix.

At least while I’m out from work and recovering I’ll get that second tongue piercing I’ve been meaning to get for years and haven’t.

Big Sur!

Welp, we made it down to Big Sur this weekend for a quick overnight camping trip and WOW was it nice out!

Camped out at Prewitt Ridge, then took South Coast Ridge rd to Los Burros rd to get us back to Highway 1.