Aaahhhhhhhhh too much stress

Ahhhhh surgery is scary.

I’m going in for a super major surgery in 10 days, and I am freaking the fuck out about it. Like… gender reassignment surgery is no joke and then its months of recovery. Ugh. I mostly feel like I’m just trying to talk through jitters or something as this is a scary huge deal on its own and then my life felt that I needed to have EVEN more on my plate… I’ve to put in a ton of OT for the past couple months, I have to go to LA next week and two days ago my boss asked me if I could get a clearance.


Oh fucking well.

I’ll be getting through this one day at a time, but I just want the stress to stop. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t do this with out alix.

At least while I’m out from work and recovering I’ll get that second tongue piercing I’ve been meaning to get for years and haven’t.

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